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  What is the Minimum Order?
    There is no minimum to place an order with Belvah Trading and Free shipping is only applied orders $150 or more.
  What information should I have on hand in order to register with Belvah Trading?
    Please have your basic information on hand as well as your Federal Tax ID number, if you are having issues with signing up with Belvah Trading please contact us via phone or Live support. We have sales representatives on hand.
  I am a sole proprietor and I use my social security number to file my taxes. Can I still order with you?
    We are not open to the public and would need you to provide us proof of business. We would need you to contact us by phone at 770-216-9919
  I am a non-profit organization; I do not have a tax ID or a business license because the State does not require one. Can I still order with you?
    Please contact us by phone to give us proof of business.
  Can I place orders over the phone if my internet is down?
    Yes, we do not mind taking orders over the phone, but we highly recommend for all of our customers to sign up online and place the orders yourselves. This prevents any confusion with the orders and information entered. Also since our products are first come first serve bases it is more of a guarantee that you will have a chance to receive the products.
  How do I know for sure if my order went through or not?
    Once an order has been completely processed, you will receive a confirmation number, as well as a copy of the order via email. If you are still unsure, you may contact your State representative.
  I just need a couple of the products, can I order under the minimum of $50?
    No, our system will only allow orders to reach the minimum of $50. Also, for the shipping cost is not worth it. For more information please contact your State representative.
  My cost is different from when I first purchased, why is that?
    There are items that are out of stock and we were unable to sell you the product.
  Can I cancel my order?
    Because of our quick processing time, Belvah Trading has a "No Cancellation Policy". Please read our Terms and Conditions for more detail.
  My order is in the shipped status, can I still cancel the order?
    No, once an order is shipped out we are unable to cancel orders.